Client: Ordnance Survey

Title: Forensic Analysis

Saving: £24,000 per annum

E2 were tasked by CBRE with identifying non-intrusive energy savings for Ordnance Survey, with a view to reducing client overheads.

Following a rigorous forensic analysis of the client's utilities invoices, E2 identified significant ongoing energy savings to be delivered through reassessment of the agreed supply capacity registered in relation to the site. This gave a permanent saving of £24k per annum, and was delivered without any interruption to electricity supply or client operations. 

Ordnance Survey reduced their utility spend by £24k per annum at a stroke. This saving represents a permanent improvement to Ordnance Survey's bottom line, delivered via a strong partnership between E2 and CBRE. 

Through E2 and CBRE's partnership, we were able to identify permanent ongoing energy savings in excess of £20k per annum for the client. E2 delivered these without any interruption to Ordnance Survey's operations, and with the minimum of input required from either CBRE or the client directly.; progressing this project really was a no-brainer. Crucially the savings achieved have contributed to CBRE delivering a strategic objective for CBRE. 

Luke Robinson, Area General Manager, CBRE.