We are one of the few businesses in the UK that accompanies organisations through all aspects of energy work. We understand the importance of budgetary control and working with senior management teams to prioritise project by return on investment and operational continuity.

E2 achieve significant energy, cost & carbon savings for our clients via intelligent procurement, energy services, controls & projects. We call this Total Energy Management.


No Cost

Energy costs have been rising steeply over the past few years, based on increases to both the commodity and non-commodity elements of contracts.  When we engage with a client, we prioritise on identifying ‘No Cost’ opportunities where immediate savings can be achieved.  

E2 have a deep knowledge of the energy procurement markets. By bringing in renewal contracts under existing budgetary levels, valuable funding is freed up for your organisation. Further savings are normally secured through detailed analysis & optimisation of pass through charges. 

E2 also undertakes a full review of all historic invoicing, identifying any areas where our clients have been overcharged. Once an issue is identified, E2 analysts work with suppliers to recover the overpaid fees on behalf of our clients. 


Having a proactive energy investment strategy & driving through the necessary improvements is the only way to significantly reduce energy costs. Our clients typically trim 20 – 40% off their energy usage during this phase.

Once your account manager has gained a thorough understanding of your business, including your ROI criteria, our in-house consultants undertake detailed site surveys & draw up a shortlist of proposed improvement projects. The results are formally presented to your senior management team and an action plan is agreed.

E2 project manages all improvements through to commissioning, ensuring specified targets are achieved.


E2 helps clients achieve further energy savings through rental solutions. This phase is normally undertaken on projects that sit outside your organisations specified ROI, bringing a valuable additional revenue stream to your business. 

E2 undertake the design, installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance of your project, providing a ‘no-hassle’ approach. The energy savings are then shared between the client & E2. 

Typical projects include on-site energy generation and infrastructure upgrades.


It is essential to ensure that your organisation’s savings remain in place and your ROI is achieved. E2 specialise in this area, supporting your business across a number of levels.

  • All improvement projects are verified to IPMVP standards, using AMT to track the before & after performance.
  • E2’s energy services bureau tracks savings in real time and alerts our internal engineers and your FM teams if performance drifts.
  • Energy performance is regularly reported back at board, area and site level.

We believe focusing on these areas will make a significant difference to your energy performance over the long term.