24/7 Efficiency Monitoring


Following completion of the Warner Stand project, E2 were requested to take on the BMS maintenance for the full BMS installation at Lords Cricket Ground. The project works involved integration of a number of energy efficient technologies including a borehole system to provide energy efficient heating and cooling for the new stand. The new NeOSS BMS installed in the Warner Stand was integrated via high level interfaces using Modbus and BACnet protocols with a number of HVAC manufacturers’ products and the existing Trend BMS. A new analytics package was installed and commissioned to ensure the multi manufacturer systems were integrated seamlessly via a single software platform.

As part of the ongoing maintenance support service, E2’s engineers ensure the HVAC plant continues to run efficiently to minimise the site’s energy consumption and that the borehole system operates in line with the local authorities regulations in regard to rejection of borehole water at times of peak demand.

E2 provide full match day cover in line with the client’s requirements. In order to simplify the financial aspect of these works, match day cover is provided at a fixed rate for match attendance irrespective of the day or time, giving the client financial clarity for their opex budget for the duration of the contract period. A further safety net in the form of remote access to the BMS is provided to allow instant response to any BMS issues and, where these can be resolved remotely, a saving on the requirement for a callout visit to the site.

“In order to ensure seamless operation of this iconic venue, E2 provide year round support with 24/7 availability to maintain efficient operation of the installed BMS and the associated HVAC plant and borehole systems. Whenever required we provide match day cover for significant events to support operation of the site and ensure there is no disruption to the event or the spectator experience.”
Paul Glasspool,
Maintenance Director, E2 Services