Client: Northumberland Estates

Title: Agreed Supply Capacity Optimisation

Saving: £3,084 p.a.

Northumberland Estates appointed E2 Services to undertake detailed energy surveys across a number of its key sites, the main one being Alnwick Castle the setting for a number of Harry Potter films.

The survey reports detailed a number of recommendations - highlighting areas where energy performance improvements could be achieved. In addition to energy saving recommendations, energy supply analysis was also carried out and a number of opportunities for Available Supply Capacity (ASC) optimisation were highlighted.

A detailed analysis of the Alnwick Castle Half Hourly electricity supply revealed per annum ASC optimisation savings. When ASC levels are reduced, the spare capacity is returned to the Distribtion Network Operator (DNO). After proposal sign off, E2 Services adjusted the ASC kVA levels in line with the recorded maximum at site, allowing for any site-specific requirements.

The pre-reset ASC level at Alnwick Castle was 500 kVA, at a monthly cost of £224.30. The Maximum Demand (over the period analysed) was 224.2 kVA, with no plans for future increased usage. As such, the ASC level was reset to 250 kVA, at a monthly cost of £112.15. Overall, this project will continue to deliver savings of £3,084 p.a for Northumberland Estates.

"Agreed Supply Capacity charges guarantee the availability of an instantaneous demand at a site at any point during the year. These charges are not automatically reviewed by suppliers or distribution network operators, and as the energy demand pattern at a site changes over time, it is common for an ASC charge to sit well above what is required. This represents redundant capacity being paid for by the client with zero practical benefit. E2 Services’s analysis of Northumberland Estates’ demand patterns identified scope for optimisation at several of their sites. We handled negotiation with distribution network operators and suppliers, and were able to deliver £1,345.80 in ongoing savings with no upfront investment required and no inconvenience to the client."

Mike Stafford, Head of Energy Services, E2 Services