Client: Northwood Regional UK- Whetstone

Title: Agreed Supply Capacity Optimisation

Saving: £27,173 p.a.

Northwood Regional UK are an ongoing long-standing client for E2 Services and as a result we hold a large amount of energy demand data on Northwood Regional UK.

From E2 Services continually monitoring demand patterns, we were able to identify the opportunity to reduce Whetstone's demand supply capacity from 3.5MVA to 2MVA. Following further reductions in demand, E2 Services repeated the exercise, reducing supply capacity from 2MVA to 1.6MVA

The main key savings from this project in its first reduction was £22,152 per annum. As a result of the second reduction, a further £5,021 p.a. of savings came in as a result, totalling £27,173 p.a. ongoing in savings.

"E2 Services’s relationship with Northwood Regional UK began in 2011, initially to fulfil the need for energy surveys at southern sites within their portfolio. The relationship has grown organically to the point where E2 Services are a deeply embedded energy partner across Northwood Regional UK's property portfolio. We handle everything from tenant recharging and service charge budgeting, to energy, gas and water procurement. E2 Services’s relationship with Northwood Regional UK is a paragon of total energy management. Crucially, this relationship has yielded ongoing savings, one-off rebates and increased revenue streams totalling in excess of £3,000,000 since 2011."

Mike Stafford, Head of Energy Services, E2 Services