Annual Savings of £4-5K


Northwood Regional UK is a multisite property company with in excess of 100 fiscal Gas and Electricity supplies.
Our brief was to streamline the procurement process for the client – we were faced with over 15 separate suppliers across the client’s portfolio, with different contract dates, payment terms, billing addresses, etc. With this situation, fundamentals were being missed, such as changes of tenancy and renewals.

Procurement Solution

Over the course of existing contract durations, we consolidated down to 3 key suppliers – for Half Hourly, for Non Half Hourly and for Gas.
We estimate that this consolidation exercise has produced annual volume weighted savings of 4 to 5% on top of the administrative savings of working to a coterminous, minimising client/ supplier interactions and reducing client decision points.
The improved utility procurement has also enhanced Northwood Regional UK’s occupiers recharge process as well as giving improvements to the bill validation thus decreasing debt and improving the change of tenancy process. This has aided other processes such as new connections – essentially, all administrative procedures associated with utilities has been enhanced by getting the procurement solution right.
At present, intelligent energy procurement offers are tailored to engineering solutions at specific sites where we can provide additional savings.

“E2 Services’ relationship with Northwood Regional UK began in 2011, initially to fulfil the need for energy surveys at southern sites within their UK portfolio. The relationship has grown organically to the point where E2 Services are a deeply embedded energy partner across Northwood Regional UK’s property portfolio. We handle everything from tenant recharging and service charge budgeting, to energy, gas and water procurement. E2 Services’ extensive relationship with Northwood Regional UK is a paragon of total energy management. Crucially as a result, this relationship has yielded ongoing savings, one-off rebates and increased revenue streams totalling in excess of £3,000,000 since 2011”
Mike Stafford,
Head of Energy Services,
E2 Services