Client: Property Management Client

Title: Agreed Supply Capacity Recovery

Saving: £207,901

New legislation in 2012 forced distribution network operators to revise their approach to billing agreed supply capacity. These changes impacted heavily upon our client’s flagship site, at which an IT multinational was the primary tenant. As a result of the new legislation, supply capacity was divided between two supply points whereas previously supply capacity had been charged for both as one line item on the estate invoicing.

This revision, when combined with E2 Services’ analysis of the tenant recharging, showed that historically our client had made insufficient recovery against ASC from the IT multinational.

A clear, detailed report was submitted to the IT multinational outlining the historical under-recovery. Upon independent review by the tenant’s own utilities consultant, the full agreed value of £207,901.05 was paid to our client to satisfy the under-charge.

With something as complex as energy, there  is  ample  scope  for  suppliers  to make errors in their billing, and if those errors should work out financially in the supplier’s favour, there is little incentive for  them  to  be  corrected.  For  this reason,  overcharges  on  energy invoices  are  commonplace,  and  large energy users will invariably benefit from an  intensive,  forensic  analysis  of  their historical  utility  costs.  In  cases  where overcharging  is  identified,  E2 Services will project  manage  the  rebate  claim  with the  supplier  from  start  to  finish,  with the client needing only to await delivery of the funds. 

"E2 Services’ analysis was both thorough and clear. This allowed us not just to recover the monies owed but, crucially, to maintain a positive working relationship with the tenant."

Director, Asset Management, Property Management Client