Client: Microsoft

Title: Building Management System Recommission

Saving: £265,051 p.a.

Comprehensive energy mapping of the Building Management System at the Microsoft Thames Valley Park campus demonstrated that opportunities existed to significantly improve their energy performance. Ongoing analysis of meter profiles across the campus allows energy waste to be promptly identified. The below sub-meter profile shows an unexpected high load; the issue was raised and FCUs (Fan Coil Units) in some areas running 24/7 were highlighted as the problem.

The FCU running times were reset and the consumption decease is reflected in the profile.

Through structured analysis, E2 Services identified all areas where the system had drifted from the original description of operation, and prioritised key areas for immediate change.

E2 Services took the project further, and implemented improvements to the control strategy in order to increase energy efficiency performance.

By the end of the 6 month period of change, the Microsoft campus was using a staggering 7.6GWh less energy annually. This project formed the backbone of the energy saving programme.

"Working with E2 Services, Microsoft UK identified the opportunity to increase energy efficiency across our UK operations by 30 percent within two years. Through robust engagement with employees and management, an actual saving of 38 percent was achieved within only 18 months of initiating the project. Some of the key changes include installing Automated Monitoring & Targeting systems across approximately 200 points to allow project progress and savings to be closely monitored, installing high efficiency water heaters and efficient cooling systems and redesigning voltage output across all buildings."

Josh Henretig, Director of Environmental Sustainability