Client: Northwood Regional UK - Juniper Place

Title: BMS Upgrade

Saving: £42,700 p.a.

E2 Services were tasked with undertaking a detailed energy survey of the Building Management System (BMS) at Juniper Place, due to complaints being received from occupiers about the Heating Ventillation and Air-Coniditioning (HVAC) systems.

As a result, E2 Services proposed that the existing life-expired BAS2800 platform be replaced with a new Trend system. The project was delivered on time and on budget. All disruptive work was undertaken outside of normal office hours, so that there was no disruption to the occupiers.

Performance since  E2 Services's project commissioning indicates annualised  savings  of 545,000kWh p.a, which equates to cost savings of £42,700. Representing a 25% reduction in electricity and gas usage at the property, the capital investment for the project was £120,000, providing a return on investment of 2.8 years.

E2 Services provide an ongoing analysis service at Juniper Place, using both supplier fiscal meters and a network of sub-meters on the energy supplies. This data is analysed in real time and ‘tickets’ are created whenever an issue is identified.  A monthly Energy Performance Report (MEPR) is also issued at month end, to provide visibility to all relevant parties on energy performance & to highlight any ongoing issues. The MEPR is used to brief the maintenance engineer, prior to attending site for the monthly maintenance visit.  


"E2 Services’s relationship with Northwood Regional UK began in 2011, initially to fulfil the need for energy surveys at southern sites within their portfolio. The relationship has grown organically to the point where E2 Services are a deeply embedded energy partner across Northwood Regional UK's property portfolio. We handle everything from tenant recharging and service charge budgeting, to energy, gas and water procurement. E2 Services’s relationship with Northwood Regional UK is a paragon of total energy management. Crucially, this relationship has yielded ongoing savings, one-off rebates and increased revenue streams totalling in excess of £3,000,000 since 2011."

Mike Stafford, Head of Energy Services, E2 Services