Client: Microsoft

Title: Data Centre Optimisation

Saving: £52,410 p.a.

Data centres at the Microsoft campus form a substantial portion of overall electricity consumption. 

E2 Services proposed a scope of works to provide a containment system to isolate the hot air from the cooled air within the data rooms. This prevents the two from mixing and causing  cooling inefficiencies from controlling the temperature of the entire  room. To  improve  the  CRAC  performance  the  fixed  speed  fans  were replaced with variable speed fans, and by relocating the 8 condensers the heat rejection was improved. Control of the entire system was upgraded.

The works were carried out during normal operational hours with some temporary cooling as backup for the condenser removal. In order to monitor the  performance of the cooling system, temperature sensors were installed around the data rooms, and alarms set up to warn of any variation of the temperature from the setpoint.

The project overall led to a total Energy Reduction of 646,188 kWh.

As well as providing energy savings, the new system is more efficient and reliable and performs at a level to protect the critical area of the business.

December 2012 saw Microsoft and E2 Services' collaborative efforts recognised; winning The Energy Efficient Partnership of the Year award.

"Working with E2 Services, Microsoft UK identified the opportunity to increase energy efficiency across our UK operations by 30 percent within two years. Through robust engagement with employees and management, an actual saving of 38 percent was achieved within only 18 months of initiating the project. Some of the key changes include installing Automated Monitoring & Targeting systems across approximately 200 points to allow project progress and savings to be closely monitored, installing high efficiency water heaters and efficient cooling systems and redesigning voltage output across all buildings."

Josh Henretig, Director of Environmental Sustainability