Client: Northwood Investors

Title: Demand Side Response Project

Saving: £29,150 per annum

Over the last decade Broad Gate has seen intensive refurbishment and, as the energy partner for Northwood, E2 have been heavily involved in the work. Northwood's agreed energy strategy is "to continually seek to improve energy performance of all of our assets, where commercially viable to do so", both to satisfy CSR commitments and to reduce service charge costs for Occupiers. As such, E2 and Northwood were keen to pursue further energy reductions, though these would require more innovation to deliver. To find the next tranche of energy savings, E2 needed to deliver a project that could optimise the use of existing plant and controls, utilise E2's unique collection of in-house expertise, would not compromise Occupier relationships and could be delivered at a relatively low cost.

Our solution was to develop a bespoke "behind the meter" Demand Side Reponse (DSR) programme for Broad Gate, utilising the Building Management System (BMS). The DSR programme allows the BMS strategy to be manipulated in such a way as to mitigate the cost of non-commodity charges of the electricity invoices; targeting expensive times of day for drastic demand reduction.

Demand at site was both reduced and re-engineered:

  • By targeting load during red and amber bands, significant savings in system charges have been verified.
  • Implementing changes to control of the main plant ahead of potential Triad periods have resulted in considerable demand reduction (21% - 34%) over recently announced Triad periods.
  • As part of the control improvements to cut consumption during peak times, there is an overall decrease in energy use at site & profile improvements are evident on sub-metered plant
  • Energy profiles are now much more attractive to the electric market; cheaper contract prices will be demonstrated at the next contract fix.

DSR has created a flexible approach to energy use; unlocking vakue across various streams. Energy, carbon & cost savings are assessed by E2's Certified Measurement & Verification Professional (CMVP) & reported back to Northwood on a quarterly basis. Additionally, E2 provide ongoing energy reporting to ensure continuous insight into asset performance. In short, potential issues and anomalies in energy are captured before they can embed.

"Traditionally DSR has been out of reach for all but the largest users, unfairly penalising others. E2 & Northwoods approach shows that this injustice can be corrected. All involved are benefitting from improved energy performance, whilst playing a part in helping to reduce grid demand and ultimately aiding UK energy supply security"

Mike Stafford, Energy Services Director