Client: Cosworth

Title: Forensic Analysis

Saving: £73,323

A detailed analysis of Cosworth’s electricity invoices uncovered a series of incorrect charges. As part of the initial analysis, it was identified that the Dynamometer test facility invoices had increased significantly over the past 12 months.

As a result, E2 Services installed a data logger and compared the results against the fiscal invoices. This indicated that the network provider had incorrectly installed a new electricity meter, which had been sending high readings to the electricity supplier. E2 Services subsequently presented the findings to the supplier and a credit note was issued against the incorrect charges.

E2 Services then undertook further investigation into other areas of incorrect charges included incorrect CCL charges and settling a gas contract dispute between suppliers. Analysis of the Available Supply Capacity (ASC) levels identified that Cosworth were being overcharged, compared to their actual usage. E2 Services therefore put a case to Central Networks and the ASC contracts were re-issued.

"At the time we had numerous legacy issues on the electricity contracts and E2 Services quickly got to the bottom of where the main issues were. The work done on optimising the existing contract for Factory 11 has reduced the costs by 50% and further savings were obtained by trimming our ASC levels."

Steve Hickson Group Health, Safety & Environment Manager