Client: Fujitsu

Title: BMS Upgrade

Saving: £27,550 p.a.

E2 Services were appointed by Fujitsu to help develop and manage a robust refurbishment programme, designed to achieve significant carbon and cost reductions throughout the Birmingham, UK Headquarters site.

As part of Fujitsu’s continual energy reduction programme, the life-expired BAS 2800 Building Management System (BMS) at the Birmingham, UK Headquarters site was highlighted as an area for improvement. Fujitsu specified the replacement of the inefficient BAS 2800 system with a new Trend system. E2 Services conducted a comprehensive site survey of the BMS; proposing a program of works covering the upgrade of the mechanical services MCC panel and associated BMS system, and the installation of inverters to specified motors.

The latest trend technology was utilised. The Trend range of controllers were selected for their proven durability, backward capability and most importantly the significant UK support network available.   

The logistics of upgrading the control panel while maintaining building operation required careful consideration. Works were carried out in stages, firstly the new inverters were installed to the air handling unit (AHU) and pump motors. Once complete, a temporary distribution board was installed adjacent to the existing MCC panel. While on temporary power, all plant was set to run in hand, allowing the required time scale for the strip out of the obsolete control panel and installation of the new panel. Site disruption was kept to a minimum, with much of work completed outside of normal hours.

To ensure a fully functioning system all necessary design, engineering and commissioning labour was provided.  Additionally, a new Trend Supervisor was installed within the site facility management office (Trend Supervisors are client/server based software packages that graphically display monitored inputs and outputs, allow control parameter adjustment, and perform analysis and maintenance functions). Graphics were configured for all items of main plant, and all relevant control variables were logged and available for graphical display.

Improved performance since project commissioning has resulted in significant energy improvements. Initial data analysis shows 48% energy savings on the mechanical services in May’16 (following full project completion) compared to September’15 (before the project was in place). Assuming that performance will remain consistent over the year, noted improvements equate to 275,500kWh/annum savings, equivalent to £27,550.    

In order to enable continuous performance monitoring, Automated Monitoring and Targeting has been installed on the mechanical plant sub-meter; allowing ongoing analysis of meter profiles and real time consumption tracking.        

"E2 Services were first appointed through competitive tender to undertake the asset replacement exercise at Fujitsu Solihull. From the start I was impressed with their proactive approach to the project & their attention to detail. They really focussed on ensuring we got the best savings from our plant upgrades and clearly demonstrated the savings using their automated monitoring system. E2 Services added value to this project & I would recommend them for any energy improvement project."

Jerry Williams, Space Manager, Fujitsu UK Property