Client: Ceviche UK

Title: Procurement Solution


E2 Services has been working with Ceviche since their first restaurant was opened in 2012 - Ceviche Soho. At this site we were responsible for sourcing supply contracts and also for having the electricity supply upgraded to the required capacity.

Ceviche Old St opened in early 2015 as part of a large redevelopment site. This restaurant needed new electrical infrastructure and metering and also new gas metering. E2 Services coordinated on electrical distribution and metering (UKPN and EDF) and gas metering to ensure the correct supply points were installed on time.

We are delighted that as the company has extended out across the capital with an additional establishments – Andina and Casita Andina (where we again had to get the power infrastructure upgraded) – so E2 Services has been there, ensuring that capacity requirements are met and competitive contracts are set up running to a coterminous to give streamlined administration across the growing portfolio.