Client: Northwood Regional UK

Title: Quarterly KPI Reporting


E2 Services act as full energy partners for Northwood Regional UK, taking care of multiple aspects of the property portfolio’s utility use.  This covers procuring contracts, managing the bill validation process, leading the utility recharge to the occupiers, as well as carrying out energy reduction projects, leading to Building Management Systems maintenance and other requirements as these emerge.

Using the energy data, along with knowledge of the building plant and occupancy, E2 Services can produce Key Performance Indicator Reports to cover the main sites within the Northwood Regional portfolio. In order to track Northwood Regional UK’s utility performance, a set of indicators were developed, which are included in quarterly reports for the senior management at the organisation.

These form the basis of regular review meetings between Northwood Regional UK and E2 Services, in order to identify areas for further improvement.  They also allow Northwood Regional UK staff to be able to communicate key figures to their stakeholders, covering their entire portfolio.

"E2 Services's relationship with Northwood Regional UK began in 2011, initially to fulfil the need for energy surveys at southern sites within their portfolio. The relationship has grown organically to the point where E2 Services are a deeply embedded energy partner across Northwood Regional UK's property portfolio. We handle everything from tenant recharging and service charge budgeting, to energy, gas and water procurement. E2 Services’s relationship with Northwood Regional UK is a paragon of total energy management. Crucially, this relationship has yielded ongoing savings, one-off rebates and increased revenue streams totalling in excess of £3,000,000 since 2011."

Mike Stafford, Head of Energy Services, E2 Services