Client: Crown Golf

Title: Procurement Total Energy Management


Crown Golf is the largest golf course operator in the UK and has been an E2 Services client for over 10 years. In this time we have placed multiple gas and power contracts across their large portfolio.

Initially, we engaged in a consolidation exercise with the client, bringing HH, NHH and gas portfolios under single suppliers – individual golf courses sometimes have numerous meters supplying various outlying pumps and sheds, so getting these set up to a coterminous under individual providers has provided streamlined administration and also volume weighted savings. This has significantly improved the annual procurement process.

There have been substantial market changes in the time we have worked with Crown. Consequently, we have adopted various procurement strategies: for example, we placed one gas renewal on a flexible contract, thus taking advantage of a falling market; we have fixed in longer electricity contracts when the Annual curves have shown near parity. Against the high watermark of 2008/9 prices, we are currently seeing a £90,000 / 20% cost reduction on the HH portfolio for 2016/17.

The work we have done on Crown’s procurement is just part of the Total Energy Management offering E2 Services has delivered. There have been numerous energy cost reduction projects across the estate, for example with inefficient lighting swap outs. We also advocated the implementation of a full electricity AMT system – this has allowed us to precisely budget costs across circa 60 individual and varied supplies. Our Energy Services department cover electricity, gas and water invoicing for Crown – as water is such a large concern for the golf industry, we undertook a comprehensive water audit, forensically analysing 5 years’ billing and visiting all the client’s courses to check on such things as leaks and whether return to sewer calculations were correct. This resulted in a £50,000 rebate at one site where sewerage services had incorrectly been charged. With the deregulation of water due in April 2017, we are looking at consolidating this utility for Crown as well.