Client: BizSpace - Gateshead

Title: Water Leak Elimination

Saving: £36,975 p.a.

Bizspace tasked E2 Services to produce a robust Water Management plan, that would identify and target BizSpace's problem sites as a first priority, and would allow the process to be repeated for other smaller sites in time. Our investigations confirmed that there was a leak at Gateshead, one of BizSpace's high risk sites. An Engineering Report was issued in which we estimated the size of the leak to be 20 litres/minute.

E2 Services then drew up a Specification of Works for leak identification and repair, for contractors to price against. Once prices were received, E2 Services issued a Project Analysis to give the final details on the cost and estimated annual savings.

In order to permanently banish the leak from the ageing, dilapidated pipe structure, it was replaced with a full new mains replacement around the site.

After the work had been completed the average nighttime flow rate at the site has been a consistent 0.015m3/hour, compared to the November 2013 nighttime flow rate of 1.3m3/hour, a drop of nearly 99%.

"We have a long working relationship with E2 Services and asked them to support us with this issue. We had a constant problem with water leakage on this site, but couldn’t identify where from. E2 Services used specialist kit to survey & identify multiple leaks. They then designed a solution that involved boring a new pipe through the centre of the old metal pipework, which meant less tenant disruption and less cost. We were very happy with the solution proposed by E2 Services and their overall efficiency and focus on this project. I would have no hesitation in recommending them"

Zane Gillard, Senior Financial Analyst