Plenty of cars - No Charge

Friday 15th June 2018

A report by Emu Analytics estimates that a million EVs will be on the road by 2020; the present number of registered EVs is 150,000. As we currently have just 16,500 charging points across the UK, the report concludes that by 2020 a further 83,500 points will need to be installed.  This has been echoed by the Auto express that reports that a shortfall in EV (Electric Vehicle) charging points could be possible unless there is a 6 fold increase in installed points by 2020.

EV numbers have already risen sharply in recent years; a 600% rise in UK sales between 2014 and 2017. The growth in public EV charge points over the 2017 year was 3,178,  compared with the sales of 20,000 EVs over the first 9 months of the same period. Overall the figures show that there are currently 8.9 vehicles per every public charging point in the UK. As well as charging point numbers being too low, they are also spread unevenly.  Geographically, Newcastle has the best EV charging ratio of 1.45 cars per charger, whilst Peterborough has the worst figure of 485 cars per charging unit.

Most EVs will of course be charged at home or the workplace, as the average charge time on a single phase supply is 6-8 hours. Based on the existing battery capacity, on average EVs have a range of  130 – 200 miles, easily covering most commutes. It is predicted that there will be a rise in employee’s demands for EV charge points at their place of work. There are many options on how employers can approach this -  some may offer free connections in a bid to reduce associated business carbon emissions, other may set up pay by kWh usage using charge cards or direct smart phone connection.

E2 are assisting some of our energy management partners in the roll out of charging points at their offices, and offer the service to survey any site and offer advice on the type of charging points, the number, connected power infrastructure, capital outlay with ownership options and utility cost recovery.  

For more information please contact E2 Services on 0203 0022500

By Roger Ottley - Senior Project Engineer