Controls & Projects

E2 is unique, in that it is not a BMS company pretending to be an Energy Services company, or an Energy Services company trying to be a BMS company. It is both! 

We have a wealth of experience of both energy reduction projects & BMS projects, having completed thousands of improvement projects for our customers over the past 10 years. 

A BMS can control as much as 60% of your building's energy consumption.  It is therefore vital to ensure that your system is operating as designed and is maintained to a high standard.  E2 provide a full range of BMS services, from design, installation, commissioning, optimisation and ongoing maintenance services.  We have built up a wealth of experience in this field using in-house engineers and we are approved integration partners for all of the leading UK systems including Cylon, Inncom, Trend, Centraline, Johnson Controls & OSS.

Our energy reduction project expertise is second to none.  We cover a variety of areas, including main plant (boilers, chillers, A/C, AHU) asset replacement upgrades, lighting upgrades, data centre optimisation, aM&T installations and infrastructure projects.  All projects are managed in-house and delivered by our approved contractors across the UK.