Bespoke energy management 

Who are we?

E2 is recognised as the leading provider of demand side energy management and energy cost reduction programmes nationwide. Our team of engineers has operated within this market for over a decade and offers a wealth of experience in implementing practical energy management solutions.

We help clients cut through the often confusing array of products and technologies on offer, drawing upon our experience of working with some of the largest energy consumers in the UK. We understand the importance of budgetary control and working with senior management teams to prioritise projects by return on investment and operational continuity.

Owned entirely by the management team, our clients value our concentrated expertise and our absolute independence from product providers and energy suppliers.

Our Aim

To identify and implement the most cost-effective energy management solutions available in the UK, minimising our clients energy costs, carbon emissions and following changes to the CRC in October 2010 tax burden.

Our Approach

We can undertake special projects or, more typically, become a one-stop partner for all energy matters, from Intelligent Procurement to Load Management to Project Scheduling in accordance with client ROI criteria. 

Our Results

A full energy reduction programme with a client who is able to undertake a number of energy reduction measures should see consumption reductions of between 20% - 50%.

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