French Nuclear Safety Fears Spike UK Winter Power Prices

Thursday 7th September 2017

Prices in August rose dramatically with three key drivers. Firstly, there was concern over Norwegian gas outages. Whilst gas maintenance is standard across the summer months when demand is low, there has been prolonged and extended outages which have caused trader jitters. The second driver has been potential issues with French nuclear power stations – the regulator wants components made at ...

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Small business water switching in England starts slowly

Thursday 31st August 2017

The water market deregulated in April this year, allowing business customers to choose their own water supplier for the first time. In addition to financial savings, moving supplier also allows you to get consolidated billing and a dedicated UK account manager, which will significantly improve administration if a customer has sites in multiple supplier areas.

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Annual power curves rally on rising gas, coal and oil indices

Friday 4th August 2017

It has been a fortnight of contrasts between the short-term and Annual power curves – Annual power prices have increased in line with sentiment from coal and oil, whilst the day and month-ahead indices have been a lot more steady than seen at the start of July. Short-term has benefitted from generation coming back online (post-nuclear maintenance) and also from healthy ...

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Short-term market remains volatile whilst annuals stay stable

Tuesday 18th July 2017

The first half of July has seen some price decline on Annual power curves – this has been most pronounced for October ’17. However, the Annuals have been relatively flat compared to the short-term market with Day-ahead spiking up to £70/MWh on 10th July as wind generation fell at the same time as several power station outages. However, as ...

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Massive volatility hits short-term curves

Tuesday 4th July 2017

Short-term power market movements have dominated energy trading in the last fortnight with Day-ahead doubling from a 9-month low to a 5-month high. This came off the back of power station outages just when the heatwave hit and cooling demand thus peaked. Annual markets by comparison were much more subdued. There is a general bearish influence from gas on power ...

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