Annuals fall back from late-November surge

Wednesday 4th December 2019

Gas and power Annual prices have moved down in the last week or so, following signs of a recovery in the third week of November. A lot of the sentiment has been driven by the short-term markets, where Norwegian gas outages combined with colder weather and thus heating demand pushed prices higher. However, improved gas flows, the previously discussed levels ...

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Annuals continue downtrend

Monday 18th November 2019

The downturn of gas and power Annuals has continued through the first part of November. This is due to various factors, but the key driver is a combination of record gas storage and revised milder weather forecasts for the winter. In contrast to this, short-term markets have been more bullish – gas heating demand has increased due to the first real ...

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Gains from first half of October wiped out across Annuals

Monday 4th November 2019

Both gas and power markets have fallen back over the last fortnight. In spite of some upward pressure from higher carbon and oil prices, sentiment has been predominantly bearish. Short-term markets have generally been suppressed, with good wind output and plentiful LNG deliveries. The rise in sterling versus the euro and US dollar on the back of the (near) Brexit ...

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Short-term falls to lowest non-Christmas level for 10 years

Monday 14th October 2019

The start of October saw the bearishness of late September continue, with further falls in Annuals as the expectation of French nuclear shutdowns receded. There was also good value in short-term gas and power markets with day-ahead power dropping to its lowest level since Christmas Eve 2015 (Christmas Day having the lowest daily demand). Short-term power benefitted from lots of ...

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CBRE Supply Partner Event 2019

Friday 4th October 2019

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