Net Zero. Let's make this happen...

E2 Services offer a Total Energy Management approach to supporting their customers during the Net Zero journey, delivering practical solutions, every step of the way, to help you achieve Net Zero status.

E2 provide a full spectrum of services with a highly experienced in-house labour resource. Having originally been formed from an Energy Consultancy and a Building Management System (BMS) Company, we have a unique insight into building performance and provide highly focused solutions to reduce energy consumption, costs and carbon emissions for our client base.

Our extensive expertise in energy reduction combined with our in-house energy brokerage, energy metering and bureau services, on site generation expertise, energy maintenance services and energy compliance services provide a perfect platform to support and deliver our clients’ sustainability goals and Net Zero ambitions. We call our approach Total Energy Management.

E2 have built an impressive client list over the past 15 years, demonstrating a formidable reputation to deliver significant energy, cost and carbon emission reductions, underpinned by personable and reliable customer service. E2 operates across diverse sectors including commercial property management, technology, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing and education, together with supporting a number of select partners in the FM and associated service sectors.

Total Energy Management

By combining these core elements we provide powerful additional savings that go well beyond traditional energy management and delivers Total Energy Management which also forms the core of our Net Zero Toolbox which will provide you with the support and the projects you need to implement during your journey to becoming Net Zero.

TOTAL ENERGY MANAGEMENT – Maximum savings for the minimum investment, making Net Zero happen for your business

"We are the first generation to experience climate change and the last generation that can do anything about it"

Barack Obama