Annual savings of £44K

Microsoft have developed an energy reduction programme alongside E2 Services with the aim of achieving significant energy cost and carbon reductions. As a result, December 2012 saw Microsoft and E2 Services’ collaborative efforts recognised; winning The Energy Efficient Partnership of the Year award.

Having reached the end of their economic life, the original chillers required high levels of maintenance work and provided unreliable cooling generation for the buildings. E2 Services carried out detailed analysis of historic chiller data loads, which indicated that the existing chillers had built in capacity that more than matched the actual cooling demands of the building.

Seeing the survey results, E2 Services then specified replacement chillers that make maximum use of the ambient by using fan cooling, providing energy savings over conventional compressor driven units while external temperature is below 11°C.

Over the past year, the new chillers have provided savings of 461,500kWh, which is a reduction of 69.7% in comparable energy use. E2 Services managed the chiller replacement, working closely with the chiller specialists Polar Cooling, lifting operatives, BMS engineers and E2 Services Engineering in order to ensure that the rooftop chillers were replaced with no major disruption to the client.

"Working with E2 Services, Microsoft UK identified the opportunity to increase energy efficiency across our UK operations by 30 percent within two years. Through robust engagement with employees and management, an actual saving of 38 percent was achieved within only 18 months of initiating the project. Some of the key changes include installing Automated Monitoring & Targeting systems across approximately 200 points to allow project progress and savings to be closely monitored, installing high efficiency water heaters and efficient cooling systems and redesigning voltage output across all buildings."

Josh Henretig, Director of Environmental Sustainability