The Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations were introduced in 2014 in order to implement Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) requirements in relation to the supply of distributed heat, cooling, and hot water. The aim of the Directive is to encourage accurate & transparent metering and billing in order to provide incentives to both tenants and landlords to improve heating performance within buildings.

The first section of the regulations requires heat suppliers to inform the Office for Product Safety & Standards (OPSS) (the regulator) of their network every four years (with the first compliance deadline falling on 31st December 2015).

The second part of the regulations (which came into effect on 27th November 2020) asks heat suppliers to understand if heat meters or heat cost allocators need to be installed into their buildings. In order to do this, three building classes have been determined:

  • Viable – heat metering devices must be installed - New buildings with heat networks
  • Open – heat metering devices will be required if deemed viable - existing buildings with heat networks
  • Exempt – heat metering devices are not required


  • There is a requirement for all ‘Open’ buildings to assess viability using the approved Cost Effectiveness Tool ahead of a 27th November 2021 deadline.
  • If the cost-effectiveness assessment deems that heat meters must be installed are positive, the deadline for installation is 1st September 2022.


How can E2 help? E2 Services have extensive compliance reporting experience along with dedicated meter installation and reporting services.

  • Initial scoping, assessment of qualification and heat network responsibility
  • Support with navigating notifications & returns
  • Completetion of Cost Effectiveness Assments Tool and submission
  • Meter installation viability assessments and surveys, taking into consideration cost and technical feasibility
  • Turnkey meter installation projects if needed following the Cost Effective Assessment
  • Automated Monitoring and Targeting (AMT) to ensure full regulatory compliance

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