Net Zero is simply being in a state of adding no carbon to the atmosphere. In the built environment this means reducing carbon emissions through reduction of energy consumption, sustainable on site generation, procuring energy from sustainable sources and, where it is not possible to totally eliminate carbon emissions, the use of carbon offsetting.

We have a collective moral obligation to reduce carbon emissions and prevent an irreversible global warming rise of 1.50C, in line with recommended targets, to protect and preserve the environment for future generations. 33% of the UKs largest companies have now committed to Net Zero goals, while only 12% of SMEs have adopted this responsible approach. As larger companies commit to Net Zero they will require their supply chain to adopt the same levels of corporate responsibility. Can you afford not to?

The four steps to Net Zero are detailed below in order of priority, and all stages are supported and implemented by E2 Services through our Net Zero Toolbox.