The race is now on to avert a climate disaster. E2 are focussed on delivering tangible measures now, to make sure their clients are able to rapidly move forward towards a Net Zero status.

E2 is uniquely positioned in the market place, created through the merger of an Energy Services consultancy and a BMS company. As such we have extensive expertise in house across a broad range of energy services – including metering and monitoring, energy procurement and legislative support with the invaluable in house expertise of a BMS company allowing us to make major reductions in energy use in buildings through optimization of HVAC operation.

Our ethos has always been to provide holistic solutions for our customers by combining our core service offerings of Intelligent Energy Procurement, Energy Service, Metering Solutions and BMS Services. The combination of our services with a single point of focus allows us to provide optimum results for our clients. We like to call this approach Total Energy Management, and this coordinated approach is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

E2 have been applying the principle of Total Energy Management for many years, and this combination of services provides our clients with a clear path to achieving Net Zero status. We are one very few businesses in the UK that can ensure your business complies with Government guidelines and legislation and guide you to, and deliver, Net Zero compliance.

E2 do not just advise, we implement. Actions speak louder than words.



E2 with our Total Energy Management approach are ideally placed to assist and partner with our clients to help them on their journey to Net Zero status. We have access to the technology and the expertise that will be required by building owners, managers and occupiers to drive engagement, visibility, reporting, compliance and efficiency over the next few years.

We are one of the few businesses in the UK that accompanies organisations through all aspects of energy work and their journey towards Net Zero. We understand the importance of budgetary control and working with senior management teams to prioritise projects by return on investment and operational continuity.

E2 achieve significant energy, cost & carbon savings for our clients via intelligent procurement, energy services, metering services and BMS controls & BMS projects. We call this Total Energy Management. 


Delivering Net Zero solutions today

for a sustainable future