Net Zero for SME's

Net Zero is all about big corporates right? Not anymore!

There is a growing trend for SME's to lead by example and commit to achieving Net Zero well in advance of the UK's target of 2050. This is because:

  • Business owners understand the importance of halting irreversible global warming
  • There is a growing customer expectation that SME's have acted on this important issue
  • The supply chain will start to expect SME's to have made a Net Zero commitment in order to win work

What is Net Zero? Net Zero is simply being in a state of adding no carbon to the atmosphere. In the built environment this means reducing carbon emissions through reduction of energy consumption, sustainable on site generation, procuring energy from sustainable sources and, where it is not possible to totally eliminate carbon emissions, the use of carbon offsetting.

E2 provides a simple, low-cost toolbox to achieve Net Zero, which makes it easy for you to commit to achieving Net Zero.

Our Net Zero solutions for SMEs include:


  • Net Zero energy site surveys & reports
  • Identification and implementation of mandatory Energy Compliance requirements
  • Identification of grants and finance to support Net Zero
  • Identification and monitoring of energy use through installation of intelligent energy metering systems and analytical software systems
  • Lifecycle replacement of existing plant or lighting to energy efficient alternatives
  • Ongoing performance measurement via our in-house Bureau



Energy is increasingly being generated where it is required, in order to mitigate losses and high costs associated with transmitting energy across the grid. With our extensive experience in the energy industry, E2 can assist in the design, installation, commissioning and management of onsite generation. Our services include:

  • Onsite generation feasibility studies
  • System design
  • Project management
  • Ongoing management services



Where onsite generation is unable to fulfil the total demand for a site, or if the site is not suitable for onsite generation, procurement of a green energy source is the next best option.

E2 has over 15 years’ experience of buying energy from the wholesale market in the UK and supports some of the largest businesses in the UK. The procurement team has an excellent relationship with all of the main suppliers for electricity, gas, water and fuel oils and offers helpful, informative advice to customers, in order to make the right decisions for your business. Our team are focussed on negotiating beneficial green procurement contracts with all of the main suppliers in the UK, through bulk buying initiatives

Our services include:

  • Half hourly electricity contracts
  • Non-half hourly electricity contracts
  • Meter Operator (MOP) contracts
  • Gas contracts
  • Water contracts
  • Fuel oil contracts



Carbon offsetting is helpful, where emissions either cannot be reduced or energy cannot be generated from renewable sources. Whilst this is not a permanent solution, it is an important stepping stone to becoming Net Zero.

As detailed in the CCC report: “Minimise offsets, phase them out, and ensure only permanent emissions removals remain”

Where offsetting is necessary as you transition to Net Zero, E2 can arrange the necessary offsetting scheme to suit your business through our in-house brokerage service which includes:

  • Advice on offsetting
  • Calculating the amount of carbon offsetting required
  • Tendering your annual offsetting requirements
  • Obtaining formal certification on the carbon offset


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