Power prices spike to new highs before correction

Monday 19th July 2021

We have seen significant volatility in gas and power market over the last fortnight. Whilst most fundamentals affecting direction remain bullish, there have been some hints of respite and of downward correction. The key driver remains gas, or more precisely a lack of gas – the low stock replenishment of 2021, the redirection of LNG shipments to the Far East …

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Medium-term gas soars on storage fears

Tuesday 6th July 2021

Energy prices have been forced higher still as we move into July. There is significant bullish pressure coming from higher carbon, coal and oil prices, as well as from low renewable output. However, the biggest steer is coming from gas.

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Gas markets supported by rising LNG and oil prices

Monday 21st June 2021

Energy markets, particularly the October ’21 Annual have seen a return to bullishness in recent days after the drops seem in the second half of May. This comes on the back of conflicting drivers across both gas and power. The most significant factor driving prices up is the delay in gas storage replenishment for the coming winter – whilst European …

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Extreme swings hit power markets in second half of May

Thursday 3rd June 2021

It has been a strange fortnight for energy markets with a dramatic collapse in power and gas Annuals followed by a significant recovery. Markets are currently down on the most recent peak, and there is a slightly more bearish picture overall in the closing prices of the past few days.

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Power prices rally on increased carbon trading

Wednesday 5th May 2021

After the briefest correction of wholesale prices in the middle of April, the upturn returned with a vengeance with multi-year highs reached on Annuals, alongside a robust Short-term market.

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