Gas prices soften after new year increase

Wednesday 19th January 2022

The last few days have seen more of a downward trend in wholesale gas and power prices with conflicting drivers affecting price direction. The biggest risk factors remain the limited gas storage due to the ongoing geopolitical issues with Russia and the safety concerns in the French nuclear fleet. However, the associated risk of these drivers has certainly fallen since …

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Markets spike to an all-time high

Tuesday 11th January 2022

The movements in gas and power markets have been extraordinary over the last few weeks. Multiple indices spiked to all-time highs in the run up to Christmas, with grave concerns over gas storage and French nuclear station safety issues to the fore. However, a sudden correction came on 23rd December with renewed hopes of Russian gas flows and distinctly …

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Gas hits fresh highs on increased demand

Monday 20th December 2021

Gas and power wholesale markets continue to remain predominantly bullish across all durations, with new price records being set. As has been the case throughout the energy crisis, the question of Russian gas remains key: will the EU allow transportation via Nord Stream 2 rather than through Ukraine; will Russia free up supplies; what will be the effect of pending …

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First real cold snap cranks up prices

Friday 3rd December 2021

Energy prices remain high, boosted by various factors. The key issue remains Russian gas flows. These are still well below expectation, meaning that European gas storage is at 68%, compared to 87% this time last year. The lack of physical gas came more into focus as we hit the first real cold snap of the winter in Europe and demand …

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Bearish effects of Russian gas flows prove short-lived

Friday 19th November 2021

As has been the case for many months now, the subject of Russian gas flows remains the main discussion point in the wider energy crisis. The flows to fill Western Europe’s gas storage facilities started last week, and this had an immediate bearish effect on prices – the arrival of Russian gas de-risked the coming winter months and it seemed …

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