August price crash sees rapid reversal

Monday 6th September 2021

We saw a dramatic crash in gas and power wholesale on 19th August on news that Russian gas flows would increase. This was great news in the face of relentless bullishness and it was hoped this would herald the start of the much needed market correction. However, it was quickly established that this was a false hope based on …

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EV Charging White Paper Released

Thursday 19th August 2021

Carl Revens, Director & Founder at E2 Services has written a White Paper for clients and partners explainin and highlighting the challenges ahead. The sale of internal combustion powered vehicles is set to be banned from 2030 and this White paper looks at the infrastructure challenges we face and how E2 Services turnkey solution will help and can be implemented.

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Winter '21 power rises further on gas supply concerns

Monday 16th August 2021

The bullish market has continued into August with the key Winter ’21 gas and power season still extremely high. The key driver remains the same – a severe lack of gas volume, with few LNG cargoes coming to Europe, storage levels still well below seasonal norms and crucially uncertainty about Russian flows to Western Europe. There has also been more …

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Russian uncertainty and lack of LNG increase wholesale cost

Thursday 5th August 2021

The trend for gas and power wholesale curves in the second part of July was distinctly bullish, and this theme has continued into August. Remarkably, we have seen the front six months’ power all in excess of £100/MWh, and several gas curves above 100pence per therm. The reasons behind this have been discussed at length over the past few months, …

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Power prices spike to new highs before correction

Monday 19th July 2021

We have seen significant volatility in gas and power market over the last fortnight. Whilst most fundamentals affecting direction remain bullish, there have been some hints of respite and of downward correction. The key driver remains gas, or more precisely a lack of gas – the low stock replenishment of 2021, the redirection of LNG shipments to the Far East …

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