Automated Monitoring and Targeting at Microsoft

Monday 20th April 2015

In order to control energy use, you must be able to accurately measure it. E2 utilise comprehensive online reporting to enable continuous performance monitoring. Visual profiles present a broad picture of where, when and how much energy is consumed.

Once the aM&T software was established across Microsoft UK, E2 bureau were able to determine an acceptable level of consumption. From this profile analysis, user–defined parameters were set - which if breached immediately highlight any above normal usage. Reports are tailored to best suit the needs of the client, taking into consideration building constants, geographic co-ordinates, demand metrics, consumption metrics and where applicable degree day metrics. Profile analysis also allowed Microsoft UK to set achievable operational targets and energy reduction goals.

Ongoing analysis of the Microsoft UK meter profiles allows for energy waste to be promptly identified, thereby cutting costs and carbon emissions. Cases of unexpected equipment faults and poor control are picked up in real time and often resolved promptly through low cost measures. Lines of investigation for larger issues observed can be pinpointed accurately, minimising the Maintenance Engineers time on site. Issues flagged via the aM&T analysis are raised as tickets and managed on an on-line portal, all parties are therefore kept aware of the latest status on issues. A briefing document is put together on a monthly basis (Monthly Energy Performance Report) this ensures that ongoing monitoring is focused on the most energy intensive issues and makes sure they are resolved in a timely fashion.

In addition to monitoring, targeting and reactive maintenance, aM&T allows Microsoft and E2 to accurately verify savings achieved from implemented energy projects, validate energy bills, forecast energy demand and support CRC management.