Carbon Neutrality - Are You Being Left Behind?

Thursday 5th March 2020

If you haven’t already noticed, businesses of all sizes are making a concerted effort to achieve carbon neutrality. For commercial, ethical and environmental reasons, firms now understand that mitigating their carbon emissions is an absolute necessity.

In simple terms, “carbon neutrality” means calculating your carbon footprint, and reducing it to zero through a series of efficiency measures. This can be achieved through reducing energy demand, self-generating at site level, and finally through offsetting programmes.

The journey towards carbon neutrality is essential. This has been recognised across industry sectors, in the form of pledges like the NetZero pathway in the real estate sector, or Microsoft’s ‘carbon negative by 2030’ pledge in the tech sector. It isn’t just the big players either; in the world of retail, Neal’s Yard have already achieved carbon neutrality.

A 2019 YouGov poll of UK businesses confirmed that half of respondents have existing plans in place for carbon neutrality by 2030. The journey towards carbon neutrality is well underway… is your business being left behind?

E2 Services offer bespoke consultancy packages to support businesses making the journey towards carbon neutrality. To find out how you can begin yours, contact our Compliance team on 0203 002 2500.