COVID-19 - Air Recirculation Systems

Tuesday 10th March 2020

During the current health crisis caused by the rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus we have been reviewing the operation of the ventilation systems at a number of our client sites, most notably those associated with healthcare. We are advising all customers with any air recirculation systems to have the system operation modified to provide full fresh air supply during the current crisis to help minimise the spread of infection from recirculated air being distributed within the building.

This can be achieved as either a temporary modification to the system that can be reversed at an appropriate point in the future, or the software can be modified to allow any recirculation strategy to be disabled at any time via a software switch through the local BMS supervisor. This will require a minor software modification to the BMS either via a site visit or via remote connection through our bureau service.

We are also recommending that any clients without remote access facility for the BMS, consider implementing this service via our bureau to allow our engineering staff to access the BMS remotely in the event of widespread disruption due to travel restrictions or imposed quarantine conditions. Although this service is normally only available as an annual subscription, in order to support clients we are offering this service on a monthly basis for as long as necessary until the current crisis subsides.

If you need any support, please use the Contact page to get in touch and one of the team will contact you.