COVID-19 Update - Getting your Premises Ready for Occupation

Monday 11th May 2020

Following the latest government advice, we would like to outline how we will continue to support your business, while ensuring all measures to protect the health and welfare of both your staff and our staff are observed. 

Following the latest government briefing and the fact that the additional support for hospitals and critical sites has peaked, we will be resuming routine PPM visits for all sites (where possible) from Monday 18th May, either through site attendance or remotely. 

To minimise the risk of infection our engineers will be provided with the appropriate PPE and will be following the social distancing guidelines. We have also issued our engineers with dynamic risk assessments to be completed for each visit.    

We will continue to provide callout cover to all clients in the usual way to ensure their sites can continue to run and support the business operation of each building throughout this crisis. All callouts should be requested via the usual contact details so that our Admin team can continue to co-ordinate operations.

We understand a large number of building will have been operating on a reduced occupancy level and would suggest the following items are considered when thinking about how to get your premises up and running again.

  • Visit site / dial in to ensure all fresh air AHU system controls are fully operational
  • Ensure all recirc systems remain disabled so building is on full fresh air
  • Review AHU speed control so the AHU provides maximum available fresh air where the fan is inverter controlled
  • Review terminal units, particularly VAVs, to produce higher air volumes in the space (increase min/max setpoints)
  • Consider how any terminal systems such as VRV units can be disabled to prevent recirculation and fresh air AHUs can be used to assist in temperature control
  • Check HWS systems to ensure a pasteurisation routine has been allowed for by the FM – if the building has been shutdown during this period the HWS system will need to be run at a higher temperature for a period to flush the system (CWS will need flushing by the FM)
  • Check all system pressures are healthy, particularly HWS where a shutdown may have caused some contraction in the pipework and potential leaks thus reducing pressure in the system
  • Check all filtration on AHUs and other air plant for filter dirty conditions and advise FM
  • Liaise with client to ensure time zones are setup and functioning in line with the expected occupation of the building
  • Carry out high level overview of AHU’s & FCU’s to ensure they are controlling to set points

Please contact us at if you would like to arrange any visits to address the issues detailed above or should you have any special requirements on your sites.