E2 Services - Client Support During COVID-19

Friday 27th March 2020

We would like to outline how we will continue to support your business, while ensuring all measures to protect the health and welfare of both your staff and our staff are observed. 

Energy Services 

Our Energy Services division (energy procurement, bureau & compliance services) has moved to 100% working from home over the past fortnight and we are pleased to report we do not foresee any interruption to our customers, regardless of the duration of the COVID lockdown.  Contact details are unchanged.

BMS Maintenance

E2 work for a significant number of critical healthcare sites and other sites essential to the continued operation of the UKs infrastructure during this crisis, as identified by the Government. I am sure all customers will understand that E2 have a moral obligation to prioritise any works associated with keeping these essential services operational. This being the case we would like to temporarily suspend any routine PPM visits to sites that do not fall within the essential services sector for the following reasons:

·Ensure E2 staff are available to respond to critical sites and support additional works, particularly at hospitals.

·Try to minimise the risk of infection to protect our workforce to ensure they continue to be able to support critical sites.

·Minimise the risk of cross infection between client staff and E2 staff.

Where possible, we will continue to provide PPM maintenance to all non-critical sites via remote (dial in) support.

We will continue to provide callout cover to all clients to ensure their sites can continue to run and support the business operation of each building throughout this crisis. All callouts should be requested via the usual contact details – our Admin team continue to co-ordinate operations as usual.

Project Works

Where works being carried out are related to project type works, we will continue to support the works in line with contractual obligations. However, we ask that we are informed with as much notice as possible if any site is going to close, due to the health concerns, so we can re-task our staff efficiently. Wherever possible we would request that all site related works are minimised or suspended to maintain the health of our collective workforce.  Please note that although we will continue to support project works, we will prioritise any works requested or required at critical sites. We are sure that in all cases we will have your full support to allow us to continue to provide the services required for our NHS and other essential businesses.

If you have any concerns at all, please contact your account manager / project manager to discuss in detail.

We would like to thank you in advance for your understanding during these trying times, and hope you all remain healthy and safe.

COVID-19 - Procedures for Site Working