Energy Resolutions 2018?

Wednesday 3rd January 2018

New year’s resolutions are easily made and seldom kept, but here are a few old classics that deserve reassessing from an energy perspective:

Lose weight - That old HVAC equipment is holding you back; its inefficient and expensive. Throw it out with the Christmas decorations; E2 can PM your asset replacements from start to finish.

Drink less - Lets be honest; your energy consumption over the last year wasn’t as moderate as you’d like it to have been. E2 can survey your estate and identify possible efficiencies so you don’t carry that hangover into 2018.

Talk to friends more often - You have the equipment, it’s just too easy not to use it. If you monitor your recorded energy usage properly, there can be major savings to be had. Let E2 set you up with an AM&T system that helps you identify and eliminate that waste.