Energy Services department attend Energy Institute event

Thursday 8th June 2017

Great minds – do they really think alike? Back in 2012, ‘The Hive’ opened in Worcester, just down the road from E2’s midlands office. Fast forward to 2017, and E2’s Energy Services department recently attended the Energy Institute’s talk on how ‘The Hive’ halved its design targets in operation. Led by Professor Ian Knight of Cardiff University, it outlined the strategy that saw the building slash it’s post-commissioning energy spend by 40%.

So what was that strategy? In short – metering, analysis, communication.

  •  Metering - install enough sub-metering to allow drilling down to the level of key drivers
  • Analysis – interrogate demand patterns and assess against benchmarks
  • Communication – get findings in understood by a motivated facilities management team

 These are the key ingredients of E2’s own Monthly Energy Performance Report offering; the same offering that has helped our own clients shave 40% off their own energy spends. As we listened, it became clear that great minds sometimes really do think alike.

Mike Stafford, Head of Energy Services