It's Your Money - Spend it Smarter

Monday 27th November 2017

Let’s start with a few hypotheticals.

Your bank manager approaches you with a new product; an account for which you can check the balance only once a month, and for which no itemised statements are available. Your recruitment partner approaches you with a new candidate; their qualifications are identical to someone already working for your business, but their salary expectations are double and they have a history of making the workplace uncomfortable. Your office supplies vendor gets in touch; they’re pitching the same printer toner at a price that’s one hundred percent higher than it was last month.

In most sectors, pitch these ideas and the door gets slammed in your face. In utilities, however, businesses are surprisingly tolerant of such terrible offers. Gas, power and water are consumed, but without any detail on what equipment is driving the consumption – or whether it’s useful. Large HVAC kit sits in our buildings, beyond its economic or useful life, but allowed to remain as a result of its invisibility. Energy contracts come to an end and are replaced by penalty rates.

E2 don’t think this is acceptable. Every pound wasted on inefficient kit, poorly-procured contracts or redundant energy usage is a pound that businesses can’t spend on salaries, growth plans or advertising. Happily, waste like this doesn’t need to happen, and E2 can provide solutions to drive down every element of your utilities spend. The old HVAC kit? Our Projects team can replace it. The out of control cost of supply? Our Procurement team can mitigate it. The mystery energy thief? Our AMT team can find it.

If you’d like to start spending more money on what’s really essential to your business, get in touch.