Metering Services

In order to control energy use, you must be able to accurately measure it. This cannot be done effectively through traditional supplier invoices. E2 are at the forefront of Energy Monitoring and Management Systems and specialise in helping clients to implement the most cost-effective solutions. Whether you are looking to upgrade your sub metering, install a new comprehensive metering system or simply automate your meter readings we can provide the right technology and software to achieve your aims. Our Bureau team also provide a full monitoring and reporting service, to allow you to implement full reactive maintenance.

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Meter Surveys

E2 Services in house experts can carry out extensive metering surveys to either validate your existing meter system or for a planned upgrade or installation of a new metering system in your building. This will include identifying the suitability of any existing meters, any areas that are currently not metered that should be taking into account the needs for reporting, optimisation or sub metering for tenant recharging.

We can carry out a survey of electric, thermal, gas and water meter requirements.

Supply & Installation

With access to electric, gas, thermal and water meters from all of the major manufactures we can supply to meet your requirements from plant metering to MID approved sub metering and including the latest data logging and data export technology.

Our meter installation services include the full installation and networking of all types of meters and commission the metering system for integration with the onsite BMS or other 3rd party software platforms including those supplied by E2 Services.


From a simple automated meter reading (AMR) application to advanced energy alerting tools E2 Services can provide a comprehensive range of solutions to assist our clients to understand their energy consumption and identify anomalies to reduce consumption and increase efficiency and performance of their buildings

E2 Automated Meter Reading

  • AMR (Automated Meter Reading)
  • Half hourly meter reads collated over defined period
  • Start/End meter reads for defined periods
  • Automatically scheduled to be sent in CSV file format via email or FTP to multiple recipients
  • Meter reads displayed on screen in table format or as meter trees
  • Data download tools

E2 Automated Energy Monitoring

  • aM&T Portal
  • Half hourly consumption data displayed on user defined dashboards
  • Create virtual meters
  • Monitor consumption trends over user defined periods
  • Suite of energy management tools
  • Data download tools
  • Report tools

E2 Energy Reporting

  • Monthly MEPRs (Monthly Energy Performance Reports) prepared by our bureau analysts
  • Provides a summary of the energy performance at a building level
  • Highlights energy efficiency measures that can be implemented

E2 Energy Alerting

  • Day +1 Exception reporting to identify anomalies including tracker
  • E2 ticketing to identify and communicate issues to stakeholders for resolution
  • Access to E2 Bureau Helpdesk

Energy Monitoring Software

E2 Services are at the forefront of energy monitoring and management software (EMS) from simple AMR to analytics and integration with other building management systems